HiRoad is a new kind of car insurance company that uses telematics to help customers drive more mindfully and receive discounts for their good habits behind the wheel.

Telematics App

UI explorations for the next generation of the telematics app. These modules take a variety of approaches to provide users with data that would guide them in improving their driving habits.

Social Media

Various posts created for HiRoad's social media channels. I played a variety of roles on this project ranging from design and animation to art direction to writing briefs for content created by external vendors.

Arizona launch

A visual system of shapes and patterns created for a marketing campaign introducing HiRoad to the Arizona market. The shapes are meant to be abstracted representations of the Arizona desert landscape. My responsibilites included concept development, modeling, animation and art direction of work created by other team members and vendors as part of this project.


Components for HiRoads marketing website. As part of this project, the HiRoad brand has been updated with a tweaked WCAG 2.0 accessible color palette, a system of organic shapes and a new system of graphic badges meant to increase the companys appeal among its target audience of mindful millennial drivers.


UI explorations for an activation experience. The intent of the game is to have the participants experience a moment of focus and gain an understanding of HiRoad's business model centered around the creation of a community of mindful drivers.

Customer app onboarding

An animated piece created to answer the most common questions related to correctly setting up the HiRoad telematics app by new customers. This project also served as a successful exercise for capacity building on a team that was new to creating animated content.